What Is Breathwork?

Breathwork in its simplicity is the work done to bring awareness to Breath. Conscious breathing is the foundation of Breathwork. Various techniques and methods have been discovered by the mystics of all the religions for many years, some dated back to 5000 years back to unearth the mysteries of Breath.

Lately lot of scientific work has been done to prove the benefits of conscious breathing. Breath is one of the easiest and simplest tools to improve your ability to live life Joyfully with better health.

Our work is here is to Introduce to all schools of Breathwork and provide you with resources and tools to help you choose what interests you. This forum is nothing but facilitator for both the professionals and practitioners.

If you are reading this blog and trying to know about breathwork. Please know that you already created an intent in the Universe to receive help. It has been said in the wisdom of ages that “when the student is ready, the teacher arrives”. Know that you are loved and you will receive help. Explore these pages and I hope you find something useful. if no feel free to write to us.

I wish you lots of love and green lights at the crossroads of life.


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