Focus the awareness on the throat. Imagine you are inhaling and exhaling through the throat. Start to contract the throat slightly on inhalation and exhalation. Keep the breath, slow, relaxed and deep. Focus on the breath and sound. The sound should not be very loud and will be like a baby snoring. The breath will become slower as one continues.


  • Decreases high blood pressure
  • Activates the natural relaxation response
  • Good for any heart problems
  • Insomnia
  • Mental tension, stress, anxiety, tranquilising effect
  • Helpful for fluid retention
  • Encourages introversion
  • Increases psychic sensitivity and relaxes on a psychic level
  • Stimulates parasympathetic nervous system and inducing muscular relaxation
  • Useful preparation for meditation
  • Helpful to balance the emotions
  • Helpful during labour

Precautions and  Contra-indications

  • Very introverted people should avoid
  • Low blood pressure
  • Avoid contracting the throat too strongly, it should be relaxing and soothing.

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