Start with relaxed breathing. Imagine a set of stairs or imagine a ladder in one’s body, with the base at the pelvic floor and the top at the throat.

  • Start inhaling but instead of inhaling smoothly like in deep breathing inhale in steps. Imagine you are walking up the steps or visualise the prana moving up the ladder in your body. There should be between 3-5 steps. Keep inhaling till you reach the top and the lungs are full. Slowly exhale, smoothly, without steps till the lungs feel empty. Continue the practice.
  • Next inhale smoothly and completely then exhale in steps, moving down the stairs or ladder till the breath has been fully expelled and you have reached the bottom of the ladder. Continue the practice.
  • Next inhale and exhale in steps, a combination of the first two techniques.
  • Finish with a few rounds of relaxed breathing or continue with deep breathing.


  • Preparation for deep breathing
  • Helps give finer control over the flow of air
  • Helps to expand breath capacity
  • Preparation for labour

Precautions & Contraindications

There should be no jerking movements in the steps and no strain at any time.

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