Breathing Signatures: Each Emotion Has A Breathing Pattern

In this recording, Dr. Martinez presents his Biocognitive theory of stress to The American Institute of Stress Conference in Montreaux, Switzerland. This conference was attended by luminaries in mind body medicine, including Dr. George F. Solomon (pioneer in psychoneuroimmunology), Dr. Stuart Wolf (world authority on cardiology and chaos theory), Dr. Ray Rosenmam (creator of the Type A Personality theory) and many other world-class scientists. You will hear the entire lecture with questions and answers that were generated at the conference as well as during subsequent discussion groups. Dr. Martinez suggests that, stress follows a path that can be best understood with principles of chaos theory and quantum physics. Although the lecture was intended for professionals, it is presented in a clear language without technical jargon to provide practical applications for the general public. In his Biocognitive theory, Dr. Martinez teaches that mind and body evolve in a cultural history that determines our danger rules and our stressors. By understanding these cultural scripts, we can overcome the cultural beliefs that are more powerful in affecting our health than our genetics and environments.

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