First and foremost Breathwork Technique -Child’s breath

Before you even start getting into the world of mysterious breathing techniques. Let me Introduce you to most preliminary breathing technique.

If you observe young children say, Kids below 3 years of age, you will notice that belly moves up and down easily with their breathing. Especially watch them when they they are sleeping. They move to slow belly breathing rhythm.

Now as the child grows, for various reasons pertaining to society, his breathing becomes shallow. This technique helps you to discover the joy of childhood breathing.

This technique can be done anywhere, anytime…as long as you are comfortably placed.

  • First observe your breath from belly without interference, judgement or manipulation.
  • Clear your mind and build awareness towards your breath
  • now slowly Inhale to a count of 3 to 5….whichever is comfortable to you
  • While you inhale, pay attention to Belly
  • Then slowly exhale to a count of 3 to 5 again observing Belly
  • Do it just 4-5 times to start with and then extend to as many as possible.

Important point here is to extend your inhale and exhale time by conscious breathing. By watching belly , you can take your breath to your belly.

This simple exercise can help you to regain your composure whenever you are are under stress or you just want to relax. you can do it as many times as you want throughout the day. In fact use this technique while travelling ( not driving), while waiting for someone or while doing any mundane activities like cleaning , washing, cooking etc……


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