7 signs to know if breathwork technique is the right one for you…

Breathwork being the new buzzword, Classes and teachers have sprouted everywhere. some of them are genuine and some of them genuinely interested and some of them genuinely do not know what they are doing. Often the question everyone asks is which breathwork is right for me? and it is not difficult to understand which one works for you. Here are few signs which might help you understand if you are on the right path. These signposts are helpful to both beginners and advanced practitioners.

Keep it simple

Always and always, start with simple techniques. Breath is simple ….it is as simple as taking a breath!. hahaha. It is natural to get attracted to esoteric and complex techniques. But simple Extended Inhale and exhale with awareness is as beneficial and as powerful as any other technique in the world. In the world of breathwork, simplicity is not useless. Simple exercises always lead you to work of possibilities within you

Having fun

Remember to enjoy whatever breathwork you do, If it creates stress in you then it is not the one for you. In most cases the moment you practice a technique then you can immediately notice excitement or “feeling good” expressions. The fact that a breathwork technique rejuvenated you means you are in tune with it. Don’t ignore if it is simple, just stick with it. To practice breathwork joyously and happily is the best way to approach a technique to get the maximum out of it


Almost all breathwork exercises if done properly should lead you to relaxation. You can notice that after that exercise your body is relaxed and your mind is calm. Sometimes you feel kind of lethargic and lazy after a breathwork exercise. Sometimes you yawn big! these are the signs you are relaxed. But if you feel uneasy or just feel like going out and get some air or sometimes you are just irritated then take a relook at that technique again. Sometimes if you are not in good shape or fitness, then any breathwork exercise can make you uneasy. In such cases give yourself 3-4 sessions before coming to any conclusions.

Awareness of Breath

If you are tuned to your technique, invariably first learning is always about your breath. you will notice your ability to inhale and exhale. you will notice your nostrils and warmness and coldness of air while breathing. More importantly, when you are aware of breath, you will notice your ability to take deep breaths and breath traveling inside your body to throat, chest, belly. Apart from this, you will find your attention going to breathe often thru out the day while working, cleaning, traveling, etc. This awareness of breath is what I call the alchemy point of breathwork.

Awareness of thoughts

With the practice of breathwork, the ability to sit still and enjoy the moment without thinking about anything becomes easy. Awareness of thoughts is a turning point in the inner journey. Many of us get lost always in thoughts and lose the ability to enjoy moment to moment. After few weeks of practice, you can notice thoughts like it is played on a movie screen in your head. You often notice your thoughts like curious on-looker and wonder what is this going on in the head. This awareness of thoughts often allows you to calm down and not react.

Energy levels

Often you notice with good breathwork practice, your energy levels improving and you will find yourself taking a couple of conscious breaths throughout the day!. More than the physical part you will notice you are less flustered and less agitated and often you are willing to let go if faced with an argumentative scenario. You will also stop hurrying up and you enjoy a slowdown. You also start noticing things around you like a tree on the sidewalk… a bird in a window, beauty in little things


Finally, once you are into months of practice, you will start noticing transformation in all parts of your life. The first transformation is you start losing interest in conflicts and you start losing interest in all the dramas around relationships. you start to enjoy little things around you … a walk here, a breath there, a bite here, a drink there. You will also feel things are falling into place magically around you and even when things don’t work out, you feel hopeful and positive. You begin to enjoy this phase of life.

Parting note :

Remember the whole journey of breathwork is to help you achieve more consciousness, awareness, better health and a better mind. The journey is an enriching one. There is no end goal here. The journey is the goal. And I hope whatever you choose, You travel well, my friend. I hope you dance, you sing, you laugh and you cry with awareness. I wish you love, peace, and happiness.

Sureshg is the founder of Breathwork India. If you have any doubts , feel free to write in comments or if you have personal or professional training needs then do use our contact details page to write to him.

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