Note 2: Encounter with Consciousness for the first time!

Note 2 : 21 notes to Meditators : Encounter with Consciousness!

21 notes to Meditators : Answers for Questions you never asked!

Note 2 : Encounter with Consciousness!

In every meditator’s life with some progress in the Inner journey, there comes a time where he or she has to encounter consciousness for the first time. Usually, nothing can prepare you for the same. This encounter with consciousness leaves fear in the belly of most meditators. Let us talk about it today.

For most of the meditators, a turning point in their meditation arrives when they can watch their mind with awareness. Silent stand-by observation of the mind for the first time gives a glimpse of the present moment. But this is not awareness. This is not the consciousness usually teachers talk about. The reason is simple. As long as someone is there to experience the present moment, someone is there to experience awareness, someone is there to feel consciousness – you haven’t experienced it yet.

The first encounter with consciousness happens almost like an explosion, It is usually an aha moment! In our day to day to life, we can relate it to getting a sudden electric shock. Your first encounter lasts usually for 10-20 seconds

It doesn’t matter how many scriptures and books you have read, nothing can prepare you for this moment. During this moment you suddenly disappear. You will suddenly hit darkness and oblivion.. It is almost like you have dissolved into the atmosphere. This experience can be so disruptive for the first time when you come out of it, you feel like hit by a thunderbolt or shock. This is a moment where not an ounce of you remain but only consciousness is. Because you were not present during this explosion of awareness, to call it an experience is also wrong. It is just an event of timelessness.

This is the moment usually meditation teacher refers to as dying to the moment. Let me give you an analogy but not close enough to express the truth. If you are watching a dance program then assume dancing, the dancer has merged into dance and only dance remains. Similarly meditation, the meditator has merged into consciousness and nothing remains.

The moment you come out of this event, your first experience usually is fear in the belly. You feel like you have seen a ghost or are at a loss for words. Most of the meditators who experience this go into the shell for few hours. Fairly so because it can leave you confused. You are trying to grasp un-graspable. You are also trying to recall what cannot exist in memory. The first sign of such an event is usually a fear-like lingering feeling inside your belly. This fear usually lasts for hours and sometimes for days. Most of the meditators lose the plot here because they cannot grasp the event. Usually, meditators describe this event as they felt like they have died for a minute or they say something like “I felt like I plunged into darkness for a moment”. Most of the meditators after this event resist meditation for some time. For the next few hours, you can expect them to walk like zombies and walk with a sense of lost balance.

What can you do when this happens to you?

The first sign of this event is fear in the belly, the second sign is usually loss of words and loss of balance. I want you to know this is a gift. And a rare one! Use this opportunity to go deep into meditation. If you keep yourself on the path then these encounters happen often and frequently. Over some time you will not only come into grip with the event but will also make tremendous progress in your inner journey. So do not fear this experience but celebrate. Offer gratitude for the showers!  Keep quiet and do not share much. More and more you talk about it, more and more you move away from the energy of the blessed event.

Note to help:

I recommend you two techniques next time you are blessed with this deep explosion of consciousness.

First is to start whirling as kids do or like dervishes do, for some time with both of your hands stretched like wings. Do as much as you can slowly with half-open eyes. after few minutes of whirling if you start feeling a little dizzy then lie down on your face towards the floor with your bare belly hugging or touching Mother Earth. Lie down eyes closed bringing all your attention to belly breathing. you will relax and allow whatever happens to you without interfering. Mother earth will guide you from thereon.

The second technique is simple. Sit comfortably and breathe from your Belly. Breathe deeply from your belly and slowly and do it for 10 to 15 minutes. Keep your hand on your belly. I encourage you to carry on this technique for few days after the event. Slowly you will find your way with answers.

Parting note:

A lot of my notes are concentrated and some of you might find it hard to digest. But this series is aimed at people who are on this path for some time. I am sure advanced meditators can relate to it. I have been getting a flood of questions and I may not be able to answer everything due to lack of time. Please pardon me. I’ll try my best to reply and share wherever possible. 


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Sureshg is the founder of Breathwork India. If you have any doubts , feel free to write in comments or if you have personal or professional question then do use our contact details page to write to him.

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