Note 8 : Synchronicity : Signposts of Love

21 notes for Meditators: Answers for Questions you never asked!

Note 8 : Synchronicity: Signposts of Love

We have been talking about challenges to overcome as a Meditator. Over some time, meaningful coincidences become part of meditators’ life. Today we will talk about how to manage this gift of synchronicity available to you.

One of the signposts of progress in Meditation is occurring of meaningful coincidences. As and when you access present moment awareness you also access the field of infinite possibilities. Contrary to popular belief Meditators attract material wealth to their life, their fears start coming true first. This phase is confusing as well as path deviating for meditators. I believe Universe provides the first test to meditators through synchronicity of events.

The effect of awareness and consciousness is so intense that a little bit of mindfulness starts creating magical changes in life. Meaningful coincidences come into Meditators’ life very early. I would like you to note two points concerning coincidences that can aid your progress.

When one lives life dominated by the unconscious mind, his desires and dreams are ego nourished. The mind constantly lives in “wanting more and more” of everything, a Bigger house, Bigger Car, More money etc. Once you start meditating you will start to notice these thoughts often. Because your dominant thoughts are based on fear and Ego, when awareness ignites the ability to manifest thoughts, your fears start manifesting earlier than any good coincidences. Your worst fears start coming true. They start slowly, for example, fear about missing a bus, Fear about falling, Fear about someone dear might have lied to you, etc…etc. When fears start manifesting meditators become very confused and there is a possibility that their ego gets nourished and they start to fear more and more.

The most important lesson Meditators have to learn here is about the nature of the mind. Unconscious living is based on insecurity, fear, and worry. Conscious living is based on acceptance, love, and freedom. As and when you notice these coincidences you also notice your dominant worries and fear. You should observe these thoughts and bring them to the light of the Meditation.

Once you start accepting these fears and begin to transform them with awareness meaningful coincidences start to trickle into life. Incidences like a phone call from a friend you just thought of, getting easy parking in a crowded place, getting gifts you once wished, the transformation of relationships starts happening at a regular frequency. These meaningful coincidences start happening once you get into accept present moment then demand answers. The key to meaningful coincidences are deep acceptance and Gratitude.

What can you do and what you should avoid?

Too many books and teachers are propagating that you can manifest your thoughts. In the last decade many people jumping into the bandwagon of Meditation to find treasure. This has been one of the biggest misguidances of meditation. Meditation is all about acceptance; meditation is a non-resistant approach to the present moment. Meditation is a journey of the unknown with awareness. Once you start influencing meditation with thoughts of desire you are moving away from meditation. You are only strengthening your mind. So the first thing you shouldn’t do is to try and manifest your destiny through thoughts. Do not use meditation for desire fulfillment. If you do that then you are only going to move backward in this journey of meditation. This is the only thing you need to avoid.

What you can do is that once you notice synchronicities in life is to start accepting them. Observe them understand your dominant thoughts, is it fear? Or is it Love? Observe them understand your nature. Instead of influencing, just surrender to events. Let the magic happen on its own accord. Let awareness takes you in its womb and gives you whatever is essential. Accept whatever comes your way. Over some time, you will be showered with the essentials.

Note to help:

Keep a diary of meaningful coincidences. As and when events accumulate you will notice a pattern, if your fears are manifesting more, then know that you have to meditate and accept your fear. If events nourish and reaffirm love for life then know that this is a gift and be in gratitude. Learn to accept events and respond with awareness. Don’t get carried away by coincidences. Do not nourish your ego with some kind of imaginary superpower. Know that this is the nature of the Universe and you are going back to your nature.


Sureshg is the founder of Breathwork India. If you have any doubts , feel free to write in comments or if you have personal or professional question then do use our contact details page to write to him.

Image credit: Found on Buddha Art


  1. Beautiful affirmation of the interesting effects becoming conscious brings to the mindful presence. One thing that stands out, many times the unconscious mind does not even know it is in this state, as the fears present have likely been suppressed to such a degree that conscious mind has forgotten its presence. This is a major crux in the realization of the small miracles synchronicity affords us through the art of becoming meditatively mindful. I want to thank you for sharing and I look forward to your posts.

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