Note 19: Losing my religion

21 notes for Meditators: Answers for Questions you never asked!

Note 19: Losing my religion

Is meditation a religion? This question is hammered by too many. Meditators too face the conflict of their religious upbringings with meditation. Today let’s talk about some of the conflicts.

Meditators eventually will find ways to transform those challenges into solutions. For too long everyone is debating about God and religion. But hardly anyone pays attention to religiousness and Godliness. The moment you know then a number of beliefs disintegrate and disappear. Jesus being a carpenter is one of the most beautiful fables lost in translation. You can be a Buddha in art; you can be a Jesus in carpentry. In these moments of awareness-filled activity…… Creator, Creation and Creativity all become one! Everyone is trying to find GOD but most of them have missed Godliness in our day-to-day activities.

Religiousness or Godliness is a quality; you can touch, feel and celebrate. What if God is Happiness? Then godliness lies in being happy, what if God is a flower then godliness is just a fragrance, what if God is food, then Godliness is just a flavor, What if God is music then dance can be Godliness. Basically if for a moment you can become creative then you are close to the creator. The more creative you become, you come close to the creation.

What is the challenge here?

The Challenge meditators face here is the conflict between religion and meditation. Meditators especially those with a strong religious upbringing often faced with the dilemma of conflict with their own beliefs and just mindfulness. Now, this conflict often leads to friction with family members, relatives, and loved ones. Most of the meditators struggle to resolve as they feel the need to choose between meditation and church or mosque or temple? This issue can create inner conflicts which often manifests into arguments and wars of words with people.

What can you do?

The first and foremost thing you have to understand here is that meditation is your nature. Meditation is a way to access your inner nature. Whatever you do Meditation is going to add creative quality to your activity with awareness. If you are a car mechanic then meditation helps you to do your job more creatively and with joy. The same goes for any other profession, be it a Doctor, Engineer, Gardener, Cook, the quality of what you do is enhanced by awareness.

There is no need to choose, if you are a Christian then with awareness become Christ. If you are a Buddhist then with consciousness become Buddha, there is no need to be in conflict. Read again your sacred Bible, Quran, Bhagavad-Gita, with meditation and awareness. Bring consciousness and awareness into your religion. Suddenly you will realize what you have been missing all along. Instead of being in conflict, for the first time, you will be integrated. Because you are not going to depend on translation, you will understand the beauty of whole scriptures firsthand. The first time you will be at peace with your religion. Once you make peace with your religion then you will celebrate every other religion too.

Note to help:

First and foremost meditate and meditate. Bring present moment awareness to every aspect of your life. Avoid arguments. Man of meditation doesn’t need outer approvals. I strongly recommend you read your holy scriptures again and again in the light of awareness. With this new mindfulness, your understanding of spirituality and spirit takes a new turn. For the first time, you will also realize that the message was always there but was lost in translation. Meditation is a journey from belief to knowing. Meditation is nothing but religiousness of being aware of the present moment.


Sureshg is the founder of Breathwork India. If you have any doubts, feel free to write in comments or if you have personal or professional questions then do use our contact details page to write to him.

Image Source: Mitra Zen

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