Note 20: Seven Spiritual Notes

21 notes for Meditators: Answers for Questions you never asked!

Note 20: Seven Spiritual Notes

We have reached the final notes of our three weeks Journey. I am grateful for the opportunity to share. Today Instead of talking about challenges, Let me leave you with something you can save.

The inner journey needs discipline. It needs tremendous courage to live moment to moment. It is also the journey of known to unknown. Meditators need to face challenges and overcome them. Every moment is presented with the opportunity to be aware and transcend our minds. Few notes can help you remember your intention and refresh your awareness.

Today I intend to leave you with seven notes which is an almost concentrated version of my 21 notes. I hope it helps to remind you of the magical potential of who you are. These are to be understood and not be analyzed. These guidelines are more like signposts of your journey. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did shareing with you.

I am:

I should stop becoming and just be. Awareness is my nature. I just need to re-discover it. Consciousness is my character; I just need to carry it within me. I am connected to every particle of this universe. I am not special but I am not ordinary either. I am just pure Consciousness and Awareness at the core of my being.

I am silence not sound:

Words are needed to navigate in this world, But I am the silence behind these words. I do not need language all the time. I can be silent inside and sound outside. I can be an undisturbed pool of silence from which words are born. I remain silent inside. I stay silent and aware.

I accept not resist

The universe moves with a rhythmic flow. I access this splendor of the Universe when I offer no resistance to the present moment. My life’s magic is in accepting and not resisting the present moment. My “yes’ to this moment is total and unconditional. I offer no judgment on me or others. I receive because I accept.

I respond and not react:

My only responsibility is the ability to respond from moment to moment with awareness. I choose not to react from the depository of my conditioning. I choose to respond with love. I choose to respond with compassion. I choose my response with care and consciousness. I trust in the wisdom of the awareness to respond.

I am inside not outside:

I choose my inner world. I choose my growth through the Inner journey. Whatever I need to do outside, I start with inside. I choose to live life inside out. I bring all my attention to the inside and I allow the outside to be a reflection of my inside. When I look inside, I am always at home.

I know and do not believe:

I strive to know not to believe. I live to experience rather than explain. I will not allow my beliefs to become true. I enquire not expect. I search rather than borrow. I allow my awareness to teach me and I know my awareness will lead me to the right way.

I Celebrate:

Love is the stuff this existence is made of. Flowers release fragrance, trees give shelter, clouds rain, birds sing and none of them do it for payment, Some of them do it for joy, some of them do it because they do not know any other way. such splendor, such beauty; I celebrate this life. I won’t leave this earth until I leave a song to sing and a dance to dance. I celebrate you and I celebrate myself.


Sureshg is the founder of Breathwork India. If you have any doubts, feel free to write in comments or if you have personal or professional questions then do use our contact details page to write to him.

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