Note 21 : Namaste

21 notes for Meditators: Answers for Questions you never asked!

Note 21 : Namaste

Many years ago, I was sitting and meditating near Lake Manasarovar ( Tibet/China), A flower out of nowhere appeared in the air, floating for over a minute or two. Slowly it landed on my lap. It was a wild purple flower. My teacher, who was with me at that time looked at me and asked me “Do you know how much this Universe must have conspired to gift you a flower at this remote lake?” .. Just think about the birth of this flower, wind at this moment, mountains, you arriving here, Uprooting of this flower and landing on your lap at this very moment. At that moment I experienced tremendous awareness and gift of the present moment.

The reason I am sharing this little story at the end of our journey is that I know that any word which is spoken with awareness and meditation will meet its destiny in someone’s heart. And such landing into someone’s heart can kindle truth. My teacher told me that it is the responsibility of a Meditator; to throw Unconditional love and compassion into this world every moment through awareness so that it reaches many hearts.

My grandfather used to tell me that once the fruit is ripened, it prays and hopes that someone will eat it. So that new fruits can come and the journey goes on. The gift of meditation is such that we have to share fruits of awareness so that gift reaches many.

To say 21 notes I have shared with you in my words is absurd. To say it was written through me in a moment of gratitude would be much more appropriate. I have been grateful to you all for this journey. I hope that some of you can take a step forward in your journey. If you are aware this universe is filled with magical moments. Once you move in the direction of mindfulness whole universe conspires to help you and guide you in every step.

There is only one message in these 21 notes …i.e….. Meditate and Meditate and Meditate. Everything else is just a story to tell you this core message. Meditation is an unconditional non-judgmental awareness of the present moment. Meditation is dipping into NOW… Meditation is undivided attention to HERE…That’s all you need to know about Meditation.

Become meditative; become more silent, stiller, more loving, and more compassionate. Befriend existence, trust life, live in the moment, and then whatsoever happens is good……

Just a moment of awareness is enough to create ripples across the Universe. Your moment of awareness can result in a Bird singing a song of Celebration, Clouds showering rain, A flower somewhere throwing its fragrance in celebration, Someone’s heart filled with love and Someone’s heart healed. A moment of awareness is enough to create Million reasons for joy across the Universe.

Today, Gift a moment of awareness and know that somewhere, somehow, a similar gift is reaching you!

Namaste. I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light, and of peace. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, we are one……….Namaste.

I send you love! …I send you green lights!..


Sureshg is the founder of Breathwork India. If you have any doubts, feel free to write in comments or if you have personal or professional questions then do use our contact details page to write to him.


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