About Breathwork India & services

Breathwork India is a Bangalore-based organization focused on promoting Breathwork and its Benefits. Founded by Suresh, who has experience of over 30 years in Meditation and Breathwork. Over the years, We have worked across the globe with a number of teachers, organizations, and with various research groups to share our knowledge of Breathwork and our own findings. Breathwork India has established three research and training centers out of India (Mysore), California, and Germany.

Over the last 3 years, BI’s work on Meditation and Breathwork has touched upon more than 5000 people mainly Kids, Prison inmates, mental patients, armed forces, corporate professionals.

BI (Breathwork India) offers services to individuals, groups, and corporates to learn and participate in Breathwork. Our range of services covers a wide spectrum and some of them include

  • Virtual coaching to both Individuals and groups
  • Seminars and talks on Breathwork
  • Workshops ranging from few hours to days.
  • Customized Breathwork training to corporate houses
  • Providing articles and write ups on Breathwork to Journals and Media
  • Working with Medical fraternity on research

We also offer free services to communities who want to know more about breathwork. We take special interest while offering free services to schools, colleges, armed forces, senior citizens and Healthcare professionals and patients. Feel free to reach out to us and we are more than happy to talk to you. Right now this service is limited to India and mostly around Bangalore.

Individuals & small groups

Our training to this section ranges from beginner to Intermediate to advanced workshops. Techniques are designed specifically from our depository of services. We offer services virtually and we prefer live sessions as Breathwork requires a close watch on body and breathing which is not possible on Virtual communications.

Our Breathwork workshops are aimed at helping individuals to achieve the following benefits

  • Increased Energy
  • Better Sleep
  • Reduced Stress & Anxiety
  • Pain Management
  • Improved Focus
  • Enhanced Creativity
  • Improved Performance
  • Balanced Nervous System
  • Detoxification
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Trauma Integration
  • Deeper awareness of Self
  • Relaxation
  • Bonding and Connection
  • Boost in Morale

Corporate Breathwork programs


Three reasons: stress, stress, and stress! We know that stress is one of the leading causes of fatigue, disease, and illness in our world. All companies have stressful components to them and remote technology hasn’t made it any easier.  Many employees fall behind at work and have to continue their work at home to catch up. The problem is this causes them to bring their home stress to work and their work stress home, perpetuating a nasty karmic loop of never-ending stress. 

Breathwork is a powerful tool, if not the most powerful tool that employers can offer their staff. Unlike Meditation and Yoga, which can take months, even years, to have profound breakthroughs, Breathwork is a multifaceted process specifically designed to effectively remove energetic blockages and create radical changes within the body and the mind. 


Our Corporate Breathwork programs are designed to create powerful bonds in the workplace that inspire workers to not only want to work more cohesively as a team but also to excel in every area of their life. It’s truly a breath of fresh air that encourages them to invest in their own personal development. 

Corporate leaders who invest in Breathwork programs for their employees give their company an edge over the competition. 


Breathwork is a powerful mindfulness shortcut that induces clearer thinking and improves focus. When you alleviate your employee’s stress, that empty space is filled with vital life-force energy which increases productivity and creativity that’s used to grow your company, thereby creating a better work environment for everyone, both at work and at home. It is truly a win-win for everyone.

Offering Breathwork doesn’t just show your employees you care, it’s an ethical corporate responsibility that we care for the people that give us the two most valuable commodities in the world, time and energy!



  • Improved focus and concentration
  • A massive release of stress 
  • A new sense of clarity and knowing 
  • Ability to manifest faster and more efficiently 
  • The ability to quiet the Monkey Mind
  • A massive boost in creativity and confidence
  • Deep relaxation and inner peace
  • Better emotional balance
  • Better communication and a stronger bond among employees
  • More energetic employees
  • Increased overall morality in the workplace
  • The ability to break free of old patterns and worrisome thoughts
  • Positive changes in behavior
  • Overwhelming feelings of joy and bliss
  • Stronger immune system (This means fewer sick days and more productive work days)
  • Relief from physical pain 
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Better digestion 
  • Better sleep
  • Reduced stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Better problem-solving skills
  • Expansion of awareness (ability to see the bigger picture)
  • A feeling of deep love for self and others around them
  • The release of toxins and negativity 


In 2016, Fidelity Investments reported that 22% of employers offered mindfulness training programs

Today 44% of all U.S employers are now offering mindfulness training programs, and that number is still growing rapidly. 

“Harvard scientists found that meditation conclusively and positively changes your brain structure“. ~ Washingon Post

“Harvard Business Review reports that brain activity is redirected from the limbic system to the prefrontal cortex–basically from the reactionary part of the brain to the rational part of the brain. This change causes us to change the way we react to everything, and enables us to rely more on our executive functioning rather than impulses.” ~ Inc.com


They say a happy wife equals a happy life… and we say a happy staff brings more cash! This isn’t just a catchy phrase, there are facts that back this up.

Corporate juggernauts like Aetna conducted mindfulness-based stress reduction studies that were quantifiable. Here are their findings: 

  • Aetna Saved $2,000 a year per employee in health care costs.
  • Aetna calculated that productivity gains alone were about $3,000 per employee, equaling an eleven-to-one return on investment.
  • Health care costs at Aetna — which totaled more than $90 million a year — are going down now that they offer mindfulness programs.

Consistently, mindfulness programs have been shown to serve as a method of alleviating employee stress and increasing their productivity.


Everyone who experiences Breathwork has their own unique experience.  As it peels away layers of accumulated stress, each Breathwork session is different and has a deeper effect.  There is not one person who won’t benefit from Breathwork. 

Write to us at for any inquiry… contact@breathworkindia.org