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Welcome to Breathwork India,

Thank you for being here. I hope your time on this blog is well spent and hope you go back enriched with breath.

This Blog is a sincere effort to spread Breathwork and help more and more people to learn Conscious breathing. Breathwork may not have been the focus of the Science and Medical fraternity for a long time, but it is the foundation of mystics for the longest possible time. Almost all religions and spiritual schools across the Globe have given Importance to conscious breathing. The Techniques and methodologies may vary but the goal is always towards Conscious breathing. it is almost the foundation of the Inner journey towards Meditation and Mindfulness.

Our effort is to share, educate, debate, and provide you with as much as information needed about Breathwork. We are not biased towards any particular school or religion or technique. We are an unconditional, non-judgmental platform for all Breathwork practitioners. We hope in the coming days you will help us to improve and create a bubbling community around breathwork.

In this blog, you will find a large collection of Breathwork articles and techniques for you to explore. You will also find quality instructional videos and recommendations for breathwork books.

Breathwork tab will give you access to most of the articles and content of this blog.

And little of note of request is while we are building this blog, I do expect some teething problems with links, layout, images and others. Do stay with us in this journey while we take course correction. Do not hesitate to point our issues. We encourage you to do so

I wish you a wonderful journey ahead!. Do take time to practice Meditation, Conscious breathing every day.

Those who are interested in contacting us for Virtual classes, Corporate and Individual group workshops can do it using our contact page. We also welcome articles, Information about breathwork shops and Teachers. We are more than happy to share the same with readers.

I send you love and lots of green lights at the crossroads of life!


Latest from the Blog

The Healing Power of Breath

In ancient and pre-industrial societies, breath and breathing have played a very important role in cosmology, mythology, and philosophy, as well as an important tool in ritual and spiritual practice. Various breathing techniques have been used since time immemorial for religious and healing purposes. Since the earliest times, virtually every major psychospiritual system seeking to…

Tea meditation By Thich Nhat Hanh

“I don’t think of the past anymore, I don’t think of the future anymore, I’m free from the past, from the future, and there is a real encounter between me and the tea.”

Note 21 : Namaste

Just a moment of awareness is enough to create ripples across the Universe. Your moment of awareness can result in a Bird singing a song of Celebration, Clouds showering rain, A flower somewhere throwing its fragrance in celebration, Someone’s heart filled with love and Someone’s heart healed. A moment of awareness is enough to create…

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