Note 6 : Truth is a lie

Note 7 : Truth is a Lie

21 notes for Meditators: Answers for Questions you never asked!

Note 6: Truth is a lie

Today I would like to share an interesting topic in the life of a Meditator. Most of the Meditators, after experiencing silence and awareness get disillusioned with all meditation articles, teachers, scriptures, and any information regarding Meditation. Let’s talk about it.

Tasting silence is a gift. Very few people can say I have tasted silence. Most meditators start their journey with longing to know something which can give them peace and joy. Many of them get into meditation after reading or listening or watching something which ignites a curiosity within them.

After few yards into meditation, a couple of things starts to happen. Initially, Meditators get very excited and usually immerse themselves with a bundle of books, tapes, and visitation to meditation programs. But as and when you make progress with meditation one starts to lose interest in scriptures and any source of information. One begins to feel deep inside meditation is enough and you feel like you are guided. At this point, meditators feel the burden of Knowledge and want to get away from teachers, the community, and any knowledge source. They lose any interest in information and are more interested in just sitting and meditating. At this moment first dilemma Meditators is going to go thru is guiltiness. They debate the idea that they have to get away from the very ecosystem which introduced them to Meditation. This dilemma can take a toll on Meditator.

Well, know that you have to walk alone. Know that it is OK to leave everything for a while and just pay attention to what your inner guide is saying. Give yourself some time and this too shall pass. You will find a way out. The important thing here is to trust yourself.

Truth is a Lie

Now, this part is important. The very scriptures, manuals, Meditation books that inspired you to take up meditation in the first place don’t make sense anymore. The first time there is a dawn of realization that silence or awareness you tasted in meditation cannot be translated or captured in any form. It is a firsthand experience. You cannot pass it on to anyone. Now you have tasted awareness, everything else only represents a partial truth. For the first time, you will realize you have to drop everything in terms of knowledge. This is the moment Mystic calls “Aha” moment! This is why in the East, they say “The moment you utter truth, it becomes a lie”. That is because Truth is a firsthand experience and you cannot share it in any form. The reason why many scriptures of meditation are written is to only ignite a fire of truth in seekers.

Let me give you an analogy here. If there is great cooking, you can smell the aromas from the Kitchen, but it is not the same as tasting food. You can talk about the taste of the great cooking but cannot pass the exact feelings of the taste buds. The fragrance of meditation books and tapes is to help you to go and taste awareness.

Sureshg, founder Breathwork India

What Can you do?

You have to make peace with the fact that this inner journey you have to travel alone. Just because you are going to listen to your inner guide doesn’t mean that you are not grateful to everything and everyone who has introduced you to Meditation. What you need to now do is to place immense and unconditional trust within yourself. You also have to trust that as and when you need support and assistance in your inner journey, Universe will support you. The only thing I recommend here is to stop talking about your progress and your experiences to anyone. Just pursue meditation. The rest of the ingredients will be taken care of and all the jigsaw puzzles will fall into place as you move forward.

Note to help:

This phase is an emotionally draining period for Meditators. Because here you are going to drop every baggage of Knowledge you carried and you have to move forward. This requires courage and conviction. To help you and make it easy on you, every day spend few minutes in meditation offering gratitude to every teacher, every book, every tape, and every grass which came in your way to help you reach here. Gratitude is a prayer that can make you less burdened to move forward. Thank everyone and but move alone in pursue of awareness.

At this stage one of the meditation I strongly recommend is Brahmavihara meditation. Please check out this beautiful meditation by Danielle Van De velde.

Often referred to as ‘Metta Meditation’, Brahmavihara is powerful in its simplicity. Many practitioners choose to start and end each day with it. The key to its effectiveness is in the realisation that we are all interconnected in Spirit and that within the heart is an eternal purity that seeks release and unconditional love for ourselves and for all. It is practiced from the heart, whilst using images and ideas in the mind to open the heart and shift the consciousness into pure love.

I send you love and awareness . let me know your thoughts and any feedback is welcome!


Sureshg is the founder of Breathwork India. If you have any doubts , feel free to write in comments or if you have personal or professional question then do use our contact details page to write to him.

Image credit: Found on Buddha Art

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