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Tea meditation By Thich Nhat Hanh

“I don’t think of the past anymore, I don’t think of the future anymore, I’m free from the past, from the future, and there is a real encounter between me and the tea.”

Note 21 : Namaste

Just a moment of awareness is enough to create ripples across the Universe. Your moment of awareness can result in a Bird singing a song of Celebration, Clouds showering rain, A flower somewhere throwing its fragrance in celebration, Someone’s heart filled with love and Someone’s heart healed. A moment of awareness is enough to create Million reasons for joy across the Universe.

Note 20: Seven Spiritual Notes

The inner journey needs discipline. It needs tremendous courage to live moment to moment. It is also the journey of known to unknown. Meditators need to face challenges and overcome them. Every moment is presented with the opportunity to be aware and transcend our minds. Few notes can help you remember your intention and refresh your awareness.

Note 19: Losing my religion

Meditators eventually will find ways to transform those challenges into solutions. For too long everyone is debating about God and religion. But hardly anyone pays attention to religiousness and Godliness. The moment you know then a number of beliefs disintegrate and disappear. Jesus being a carpenter is one of the most beautiful fables lost in translation. You can be a Buddha in art; you can be a Jesus in carpentry. In these moments of awareness-filled activity…… Creator, Creation and Creativity all become one! Everyone is trying to find GOD but most of them have missed Godliness in our day-to-day activities.

Note 18: Monastery or Marketplace?

Most of us separate meditation from day-to-day activities. What if joy is meditation? What if dancing is meditation? What if laughing is meditation? What if the truth is meditation? Once you understand that life itself is the song for meditation, Then you relax, Then you can settle down. Otherwise, you will find guilty of not meditating and complicate life and Meditation. Just live life with as much joy and awareness and there can never be bigger Meditation than that.

Note 17: Burden of Guilt

In the western world, Karma is very loosely used. In the East where the word is originated, it means “you are living the present out of the past”. Karma is nothing but the burden you carry to the present moment.

Note 16: Split Personality

Meditators tend to design a personality and start believing in them. This makes it worse. They believe you have to be compassionate and loving and they impose such characters on them instead of these characters to develop on their own. Any forced character cannot sustain the onslaught of Ego, so sooner or later you get tired of pretending and the full force of your real persona opens up. Let meditation be your Alchemist. While you allow transformation, do not pretend and force yourself into a new personality unless it is something genuine and came from within.

Note 15: Sixth sense:Awareness

These changes happen automatically. Meditators are bombarded with the joy of sensory happiness. Once you pay complete attention to the present moment and use that present moment awareness in your activity then every activity gets a new dimension. Dimensions and beauty you have not noticed in your day-to-day life. This is the reason why meditators develop child-like qualities. They began to see the joy in everything. It also slows them down automatically. It is not accidental that most of the meditation teachers move slowly and with twinkles in their eyes. It is because every moment is soaked in senses and absorbed. Invariably it makes you slow down. Slowing down is a good signpost of progress in meditation.

Note 14: esoteric Hallucinations

Meditators during their journey notice that they begin to experience some visions and hallucinations. 99.99% of the time this is mind-created. Meditators often become voracious readers due to their thirst for knowledge. Knowledge becomes a double-edged sword. Without a doubt, knowledge is essential but it only serves a limited purpose. If you are traveling by bus or train to a destination then you do not carry a bus or train to your final destination. The same should be said of the knowledge. It serves its purpose to initiate you into Meditation but to experience ultimate truth you have to drop knowledge.


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