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Note 11:Inception:Mind-Reading

Your mind is a powerful tool if used consciously. Unconsciously it is nothing but a pre-programmed computer. Your mind can work both as a transmitter as well as a receiver of thoughts. You can create thoughts combined with intentions to manifest events.

Note 10: War for Non-Violence

Let your peace be a testimony to what you know. Let your awareness and love be your argument. Let your stillness become a testimony to what you know. Once people find something peaceful and meditative about you then they will come to listen to your being. No need to take a flag and fight.

Note 9: Losing awareness : tears in heaven

Meditators over a time realize that Meditation is just a knack, Knack of watching mind. Once you get hold of this knack, you can often get back to mindfulness mode. Please note that “moments of separation”, I am talking about are those moments where you just lose this knack to meditate. How much ever you try, you just cannot make it work. This is a common phenomenon in the life of every seeker. Just when meditators begin to realize the benefits of meditation, they are often hit with moments of depression, unawareness and painful separation from awareness.

Note 8 : Synchronicity : Signposts of Love

One of the signposts of progress in Meditation is occurring of meaningful coincidences. As and when you access present moment awareness you also access the field of infinite possibilities. Contrary to popular belief Meditators attract material wealth to their life, their fears start coming true first. This phase is confusing as well as path deviating for meditators. I believe Universe provides the first test to meditators through synchronicity of events.

Awareness of the breath

remains a just physical exercise then you have missed something beautiful!…….The whole idea of yoga is to help you move your awareness to the body. Without body awareness, it is difficult to to be aware of the mind because in the stillness of the body you will find the stillness of the mind too………Practice Yoga with awareness and it will open doors to the world of Harmony, Unity and Consciousness……

Note 7: Relationship is a Mirror

You start moving from relationship to Love. In relationships, you carry past and fixed opinions. But in love, you live moment to moment. Relationship wants to dominate whereas love allows freedom. The relationship needs dominance and possessiveness, whereas love requires soil of unconditional freedom and compassion. Relationships demand the need to be loved whereas love knows how to love.

Mind full or Mindful?

Breathing is your master key to awareness. learn to be aware of your breath and Meditation will follow your breath awareness

12 Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

An increased tendency to let things happen rather than make them happen.
Frequent attacks of smiling.
Feelings of being connected with others and nature.
Frequent overwhelming episodes of appreciation.

Note 6 : Truth is a lie

The very scriptures, manuals, Meditation books that inspired you to take up meditation in the first place don’t make sense anymore. The first time there is a dawn of realization that silence or awareness you tasted in meditation cannot be translated or captured in any form. It is a firsthand experience. You cannot pass it on to anyone. Now you have tasted awareness, everything else only represents a partial truth.

Note 5 : Insomnia of a Meditator

n deep sleep, the mind disappears, because there is not even dreaming, no content. In deep sleep, you have fallen back again into your nature. That’s why deep sleep refreshes you. In the morning you feel alive again, rejuvenated, young, vital because in deep sleep you had fallen again to your original nature. You were no more ego, you were no more a mind


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