Mind full or Mindful?

Mind Full or Mindful?

Meditation nuggets for the Week:

The first and foremost understanding of the Meditation comes from understanding your mind. Your mind constantly chatters without your control. Most of the time you are not able to control thoughts and you are jumping constantly from one thought to another thought. You are not aware of this because you are becoming the thought or merging with the thought process. Some call it dreaming and some call it Un-awareness.

Now, meditation is nothing but awareness of your constant chattering. This awareness is an antidote to chattering. Once you bring awareness and attention to your thoughts then in place of thoughts you will find silence. This silence and the space of no-thoughts is the beginning of the Meditation.

Breathing is your master key to awareness. learn to be aware of your breath and Meditation will follow your breath awareness

~Suresh G

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