The real secret was never thoughts..It was breath!

Rhonda Byrne’s wonderful book “the secret” changed many lives and influenced the power of positive thinking. But East always had a different take on manifesting your dreams. Yoga, Zen, Sufism, all of them put emphasis on breath, awareness and mindfulness. East never taught to manifest your dreams. It was more like give up on your dreams and stay in the present moment to see the grand plans of life.

Breath is the Alchemy of awareness, In breath lies the elixir of life. The moment you can breath consciously, you are breathing in possibilities. In Breath awareness you can go beyond mind. When you access present moment awareness, it is a field of immense possibilities. In present moment awareness life magically unfolds in front of you. It may not be the one you dreamed of but one you will enjoy for sure.

Take some time to learn breath awareness. Breath awareness will help you to meditate and practice mindfulness. Once you learn the art of living through present moment awareness, your destiny will unfold without much effort.


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