Note 10: War for Non-Violence

21 notes for Meditators, Note 10: War for Non-Violence!

21 notes for Meditators: Answers for Questions you never asked!

Note 10: War for Non-Violence

Friends, we have completed nearly two weeks of Notes. I enjoyed your feedback as well as your sharing of your experiences. Today let’s talk about the unique challenge Meditator has to overcome and learn. Let’s talk about how meditators get into the trap of arguing and fighting about their beliefs and experiences.

Ego is a difficult challenge to overcome. Ego is not just your ego. It is centuries of collection of strong opinions and thoughts. For example, If you Identify yourself thru a religion then the superiority of that religion can be your ego. Remember this opinion about your religion can be centuries old but you still carry it as your own.

As and when you make progress in meditation, the ego starts dissolving. But ego always finds one or the other way to come back. One of the ways it establishes back is called “Meditators Ego”. Meditators Ego is nothing but your pride in being a Meditator and as and when you taste a little bit of silence you feel that you are special. Meditators then usually get very excited to share their experiences and opinions. They feel strongly about everything and they have an opinion about everything. It is this ego of an argument and “I know I am right” opinion, meditators need to avoid. This can happen often with close family members and friends. There is an urge to give them a lecture about everything and need to let them know that you know something special about meditation.

Meditation opens up tremendous energy. It is only common that meditators feel the urge to shout from the rooftop. This is nothing but the urge to say I know meditation. Meditators need to avoid this pitfall of violence. Ego comes from the back door and every time you argue fiercely about meditation you are feeding the ego. Take a look around. The religion which is supposed to be a path to higher consciousness is least tolerant. In other words, people who are supposed to be non-violent have become most violent. Religion has become the most violent force today.

Meditators begin to notice and feel often that many meditation books, so-called popular Social media teachers, meditation quotes are not meditative from their own experience. Meditators need to accept rather than argue. Meditators need to understand that there is no need to get any approval from anyone about their experience. This is not a school or college where you seek approval for your grades. You have to understand that Meditation is a personal journey.

What can you do?

First and foremost “just shut up!” 🙂 Don’t take it wrong, I couldn’t have put it any simpler than that. Keep your experiences and opinions about meditation to yourself. You can share your experiences, but whenever there is an argument instead of discussion, walk away. Find teachers and fellow travelers to discuss and share but it is not essential.

Let your peace be a testimony to what you know. Let your awareness and love be your argument. Let your stillness become a testimony to what you know. Once people find something peaceful and meditative about you then they will come to listen to your being. No need to take a flag and fight.

Sureshg, founder, Breathwork India

Note to help:

Develop compassion for unconsciousness. Compassion helps you to move to the center of love. Instead of arguing about you know for sure, learn the art of letting go. Fasting is a good technique to master the urge to arguments. When you fast for half a day or a day, your body screams for food. The first response from the body is usually anger. Angry about not getting food and there will be an urge to scream and shout at someone. If you can watch your body and mind when you fast, you can manage the urge to argue. Please note that fasting requires you to be at one place and ease. Unless you are comfortable with it do not try it. Remember that Meditation is not for medals. Meditation is a goal-less journey.

I am leaving you with a beautiful meditation by Ganaji. Take time to enjoy and meditate

Meditation with Gangaji

Let your flower open but hold nowhere to the fruit. Let the seeds fall to the ground and germinate in your own great nature. – Stephen Levine

May all beings be free of suffering. The gift of the Dharma excels all gifts; The taste of the Dharma excels all tastes; Delight in the Dharma excels all delights. The eradication of Craving overcomes all sorrow.


Sureshg is the founder of Breathwork India. If you have any doubts , feel free to write in comments or if you have personal or professional question then do use our contact details page to write to him.

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